Innovations for over 50 years

Vollmer has set new standards with innovations time and time again, for example with micrometre-precision tactile thickness gauges or unique control methods for thickness with measuring systems for grooved rolls.

Contact gauge VBM
Contact gauge VBM
Laser gauge VTLG
Laser gauge VTLG

With laser-optical thickness measurement directly in the cold rolling mill, Vollmer has initiated the next innovation boost in measurement and control technology for cold rolling.


1963Founding of the company with the idea of building strip thickness gauges for measurement in the mill during rolling
1973Strip thickness control and hydraulic mill screwdown
1975Roll measuring systems for use during roll grinding
1979Strip shape measurement
1985Strip shape control
1991Graphic measurement data visualisation in real time
1995Non-contact X-ray thickness measurement
1996Strip shape measuring rollers
2001BFI roller
2004Strip shape measuring roller for stretch bend leveller
2011Equipment of contact gauges with digital measuring sensors
2012Model-predictive flatness control systems
2013VTLG, laser-optical strip thickness measurement for the cold rolling mill
2017VTLG for foil mills