Laser gauge VTLG Contact gauge VBS Gap sensor Rolling mill with strip shape control Contact gauge VBM X-ray gauge BFI shapemeter roll Offline foil gauge VDM Automatic roll measurement Transducer BFI shapemeter roll Offline cross-profile gauge VBP Width measurement (Narrow strip) VGraph | VRecoS

Vollmer is the world's only manufacturer able to offer the whole spectrum of measurement and control technology for cold rolling – from the single thickness gauge through to complete shape control and modernisation of rolling mills.

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Vollmer is the only manufacturer to be able to offer the full range of systems for strip thickness measurement: Laser, X-ray, isotope and contact measuring systems.

With different measuring roll technologies Vollmer covers the whole spectrum of strip shape measurement technology.

For roll grinding, Vollmer offers systems for roll measurement during grinding on the grinding machine and offline.